Make your opponents wish they were Invincible. Join NetherRealm now for the Kombat Kast, featuring a detailed gameplay breakdown of Omni-Man and Tremor, as well as info on the upcoming season of Invasions! Omni-Man from Invincible arrives in Mortal Kombat 1 on November 16th, 2023.

For the most part, every special move created for Omni-Man in Mortal Kombat 1 relates to something seen from the show, even down to subtle nuances. During the design process, NetherRealm compiled tons of references for motions, poses, FX, and sounds to be used as a basis to form a gameplay design. From there, they went into the motion capture studio where tremendous care was taken to capture performances that in some cases exactly match the references they had.

Something people might not notice right away is that even Omni-Man’s cape moves similarly to how it does in the show. The chest bump special move is an example of an animation where the devs were looking to have the cape sway in a specific way based on a scene from the show.

When coming up with one of the Fatalities for Omni-Man, the choice was just too obvious, and it is directly based on an iconic scene from the show. Fun fact: The Fatality set is also inspired by elements of an iconic Mortal Kombat 3 stage…

Gameplay-wise, Omni-Man is a rushdown character that revolves around speed and power. One of his go-to special moves is his Viltrumite stance. From the ground or air, Omni-Man goes into a confident pose where the player can execute four unique attacks each serving a specific purpose. This both serves a mind game for the player and a way for Omni-Man to surprise the opponent and secure significant damage as most of these attacks will allow him to follow up with more moves.

Passively, while in his Viltrumite stance, Omni-Man avoids projectiles, almost dismissing them in a nonchalant way, making him strong in matchups where opponents rely on projectiles. Moreover, the enhanced version of the Viltrumite stance allows Omni-Man to quickly dodge high and mid attacks up close. Lastly, the player can teleport out of the Viltrumite stance and end up behind the opponent effectively acting like a cancel.

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