When it comes to Nintendo, the company couldn’t be any more against the idea. They don’t want fans doing anything to their games other than playing them as intended on the platforms they were built for. When it comes to SEGA, specifically Sonic Team, the opinion of the devs couldn’t be more different.

Famitsu magazine had the chance to talk with Morio Kishimoto about all things Sonic, including Sonic Frontiers. Famitsu took this chance to ask Kishimoto what he thought about the various mods fans have created for the PC version of Sonic Frontiers, and it seems he was quite impressed. Along with that, it appears that fans implemented mods that featured content SEGA themselves were already planning for the game!

You can read a Google-translated version of Kishimoto’s comments below, which are a bit jumbled, but the main idea still comes across.

The “MOD” culture that is flourishing overseas was also a rival. There are some very skilled users overseas, and what we were planning to make as fan service turned out to be “It’s already working. ……” (laughs).

Characters other than Sonic were playable, and the new actions we were going to do in the update were already in action. I thought it was going to be great (laughs).

(Laughs) Then, the Sonic team couldn’t release that content as an update, could they? If the customers come that far, we’re going to go even further beyond their expectations and betray their expectations. As a result, we said, “Isn’t the full version our competitor?” That’s what we decided to do.

[Morio Kishimoto, Sonic Team]

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8M ago

I’ve always been impressed with how chill SEGA is with fan projects and mods. They rightfully view them as products of their fans’ passion rather than threats to their IP, going as far as to hire some of their creators to contribute to the official games. They really blow Nintendo out of the water in this regard.