SEGA says Sonic Frontiers news is coming 'soon'

But soon isn't soon enough!

30 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 2

Last we heard about Sonic Frontiers, it was coming to the Switch sometime around holiday 2022. That would make you think we should be hearing or seeing more on the game soon, right? Thankfully, according to SEGA’s social media manager, that does seem to be the case.

SEGA of America social media manager Katie Chrzanowski has been keeping track of Sonic chatter on the internet, and she sees everyone asking for more details on Sonic Frontiers. While Chrzanowski didn’t have specifics to share, she did make it clear that something is coming soon. You can see her full statement below.

“See a lot of people asking about [Sonic] Frontiers, we don’t have news on Frontiers today but don’t worry soon. It’s still set to come out this holiday, so we will have news for you this year, don’t worry.”

[SEGA of America social media manager Katie Chrzanowski]

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2y ago

I really really hope they nail this game. Wouldn't it be crazy if this became the best 3d Sonic game they've ever made?

That would be nice. I'll be hoping for the best too but I'm not going to just jump in if I don't feel confident over what's shown.

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