Niantic is not just known for its hit mobile games, including Pokémon GO, it’s also known for hosting best-in-class live events that bring tens of thousands of people together from around the world.

The Pokémon GO Fest event series, which took place this past August on three continents, contributed a combined $323 million to local economies, inclusive of $73.8 million in tax revenue, all while seeing 194,000 people connect in person and play together for a weekend of Pokémon-catching fun.

Pokémon GO Fest New York City, held over the weekend of August 18 at Randall’s Island Park, yielded an economic impact of $140.1 million, with $28.1 million generated in tax revenue. The event saw more than 74,000 people – most between 27-44 years old – travel to and play at Randall’s Island Park as well as throughout all five boroughs. See below for more:

New York City Economic Impact Stats

  • $140.1M and generated $28.1M in tax revenue for New York
  • 74,000 tickets sold
  • 58% of attendees were between 27-44 years old
  • Each visitor spent an average of $783
  • 21% of attendees were first-time visitors to New York City

Fun Facts

  • 35 million: Number of Pokémon caught during Pokémon GO Fest New York
  • 18.6 miles: Average distance walked by attendees during Pokémon GO Fest New York

London and Osaka saw an economic impact of $105.2 million and $49.6 million respectively from their Pokémon GO Fest events (inclusive of tax revenue), with tens of thousands of Trainers attending each. You can see a complete breakdown of the positive impact on local economies here.

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