New officially-licensed Sonic necklaces available

Not bling bling, ring ring

09 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Just how deep does your love for all things Sonic run? Do you wear Sonic apparel all the time? Would you like to spruce things up even further with some Sonic-related jewelry? Well, thanks to a new collab with King Ice, you have four very sparkly options to pick from.

SEGA and King Ice have teamed up for a new series of Sonic the Hedgehog necklaces, and there are four options to pick from. Fans can opt for the Super Shadow, Super Sonic, Rouge the Bat, and the Grind Shoe pendants. When it comes to the characters, each option is priced at $150. As for the Grind Shoe, that comes in lower at $120.

Each necklace will come with a 22” 5mm Miami Cuban Link chain, making things just a tad more fancy. If you’d like to take a closer look at each design or place an order, you can do so through the King Ice shop.

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