While the Switch might be king of the portable gaming market right now, there are plenty of other similar products out there. That includes the Steam Deck from Valve, which lets PC gaming fans enjoy many Steam titles on the go.

Earlier today, Valve revealed a revamp for the Steam Deck called the Steam Deck OLED. Just like people mentioned the Switch when the original Steam Deck was shown off, fans were quick to point towards the Switch OLED when the curtain was pulled back on the Steam Deck OLED.

It’s obvious Valve was inspired by the Switch when creating the Steam Deck, and there’s likely a bit of inspiration from the Switch OLED with the Steam Deck OLED as well. In an interview with The Washington Post, Valve product designer Greg Coomer mentioned the Switch OLED and even heaped some praise on the platform.

“[The Switch OLED] definitely showed people that the fidelity of an OLED screen is just generally higher. It’s just a great product from Nintendo that makes a ton of customers around the world super happy.”

[Valve product designer Greg Coomer]

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