Following their Q2 2024 fiscal report, Nintendo hosted an investor Q&A. In the following exchange, Shigeru Miyamoto talks about the high expectations for the Legend of Zelda movie, and details just how long the project has been in the works.


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25d ago

Ten years, huh? That gives me some hope. At least Miyamoto and Arad have put some serious thought into it.


25d ago

Miyamoto’s involvement is what gives me the most hope for this project. He clearly cares deeply about projects like this and doesn’t want the project to be a half-assed cash grab like so many previous game adaptations. And I loved the last Nintendo movie adaptation he was involved with despite it coming from what was previously one of my least favorite animation studios.


22d ago

I just can't picture this movie not being terrible. Prove me wrong! I have hope, but it will be a tough battle for them.