The Switch is coming up on its seventh anniversary and somehow it’s still bringing in tons of sales. The system is rocking the sales charts around the world, and that even includes places where Nintendo traditionally isn’t the most successful.

According to GfK data, the Switch has been the #2 gaming hardware in the UK for the last 12 months. It’s no surprise to see the PS5 taking the top spot, as it’s much younger in its life cycle and the UK has traditionally been PlayStation territory. Still, to see the Switch edge out the Xbox in terms of sales, especially with roughly 7 years under its belt, is a staggering achievement.

It’s important to note that in the UK, the Xbox is gobbling up some Switch sales space, but Nintendo still remains ahead slightly. In the last 12 months, the Xbox had a 26% market share, but that dropped to 23% in the last 6 months specifically. As for Switch, the system saw a 34% market share in the UK over the last 12 months, but that’s fallen to 25% in the last 6.

Last but not least, Switch sales in the US have dropped 21% this year, while sales in Europe have dipped 7% overall during the same time period.

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