My Little Universe, the wholesome worldbuilding sandbox adventure with more than 30 million downloads on mobile devices from developer Estoty and publisher SayGames, celebrates its accomplishments and ventures forward with plans for new content updates and DLC on Switch.

Following launch, the developers have continually implemented new content and patch updates addressing community feedback. Along with performance and balancing improvements, SayGames has incorporated a delightful fishing mini-game on all planets. Catch different types of local fish to collect valuable Fish Oil and unlock the playable ocean-faring friend Seamore.

More adventure awaits with the upcoming new planet “Demodium”, expanding the expedition with new secrets to uncover, dungeons, a playable character, and a powerful new sword to wield. If that isn’t enough to stave off the hunger for exploration, more environments will be added in future DLC. Scavenge for more materials in new locations on PC via Steam, Steam Deck, and Nintendo Switch in 2024.

Build blooming continents from scratch across whimsical worlds full of possibility. Mine for wood, stone, glittering gems, and more with a trusty tool assortment at hand. Manage resources to efficiently unlock procedurally generated tiles of land, upgrade tools and armor, and build transportation.

Battle persnickety pirates, mischievous mushroom men, obnoxious ogres, and take on towering bosses with swift swordplay and dextrous dodges. A colorful odyssey awaits for solo explorers, or a cooperative caravan of up to four players in this expansive little universe!

My Little Universe is available now on Switch. Explorers can expect the addition of Demodium content update in early 2024. My Little Universe offers English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language support.

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