Chefsly is back to cook up a Friendsgiving feast, but he needs help to collect ingredients and make sure everyone shows up. Players will meet Chefsly at the hub to begin the quest and make this the best Friendsgiving yet.

Returning features this year include many of last year’s collections available at the Turkeytopia table, the Turkeytopia delves and biomes, and Qubesly will be offering daily quests for Friendsgiving coins.

All of the previous dishes will appear on the main table, and previous foods such as the Trovian Bouillon can be cooked at the Friendsgiving oven.

Players should make sure to grab a delicious bite before crafting the Turkeytopia delve and going to explore. However, it’s not all good times and good food as the return of Friendsgiving brings the return of the Shadow Gobblers. They’re once again running rampant all over the Dragonfire peaks and bullying anyone in sight! Gamers must defeat these pesky enemies before returning to enjoy a wonderful feast with friends and allies.

New to the event this year is the Plumed Chest, which allows players to pick up the new collections and trade with others. Plumed Chests drop from gobblers and can be traded in the events area of the hub. Eventgoers will also be able to enjoy new helms, tomes, and weapon styles, plus two new allies.

The Friendsgiving 2023 event will be available at 6pm CET November 14 until November 27.

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