Frosty Pop announces its hot new take on the fighting game genre: Pillow Champ, coming to Switch Spring 2024. Play through hilarious and heartwarming stories about finding your passion, keeping it, and defeating the pillow-wielding ninjas who stand in the way of your dreams.

Pillow Champ calls back to classics like Street Fighter II with punchy 2.5D action, a range of game modes, and an irreverent, fluffy setting. Enter the Pillow Champ tournament, a series of events and challenges that have altered society. Unravel the mystery of the Pillow Knights, a secret society seeking to drag pillow fighting back into the dark. Clean a car using only acrobatic pillow attacks, as our ancestors always intended.

With a narrative penned by Xalavier Nelson Jr. (of El Paso, Elsewhere), Pillow Champ seeks to deconstruct the fighting video game genre. Replacing a blade with a pillow, blood with feathers, suffering with pleasure, and grunts with laughter, this isn’t the same fighting game you grew up with.

Pillow Champ includes a distinct set of characters and locations. A South Asian grandmother, a non-binary nurse, a campground in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Each character’s movement is informed by a specific cultural touchstone. From old time strongman routines to classic Bollywood movies to Muay Thai to Kendo and everything between. Poetry in motion at your fingertips.


  • Master the skills of 8 pillow-wielding characters to become the ultimate Pillow Champ.
  • Smack your way to the top with robust single-player options including a career mode with upgradeable character skills.
  • Move sets and animations inspired by various cultural dances, martial arts, and exercises.
  • Hilarious, heartwarming stories about finding your passion, keeping it, and defeating the pillow-wielding ninjas who would stand in the way of your dreams (2 at launch).
  • Pillow fight your friends in local multiplayer, and challenge the world in online multiplayer supported by rollback netcode!
  • Character stories created by prolific game writer Xalavier Nelson Jr. (Hypnospace Outlaw, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, etc.)!
  • A soundtrack you will play on repeat while you work, guaranteed.
  • A man entirely composed of pillows. Somebody free him from this torment. Please.
  • The best mobile controls ever in a fighting game (as easy and natural as texting).

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