Nintendo has worked on countless collaborations with various companies over the years, and back in 2022, they expanded into the world of sweet treats with Godiva. The duo teamed up for a line of Animal Crossing-themed chocolates and more, and those delectable treats are set to return.

Godiva is going to once again offer their line of Animal Crossing: New Horizons chocolate treats in Japan, and they’ll be available from Jan. 5th to Feb. 15th, 2024. These are specifically being released as part of Godiva’s Valentine’s Day 2024 lineup, and the items included are as follows:

  • Assortment Set (6 pieces): 1980 JPY
  • Assortment Set (9 pieces): 3300 JPY
  • Hot Chocolate and Mug + Assortment Set (6 pieces): 4400 JPY
  • Pouch + Assortment Set (6 pieces): 3630 JPY

If you’d like to get a look at the various items and merch, you can find a gallery of photos here.

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