ASTLIBRA Revision rewrites history on Switch today

The latest RPG to join the mix

16 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

After fourteen years of development and 1.5 years of remaking, ASTLIBRA Revision was met with overwhelming praise courtesy of its thrilling hack and slash combat, meticulously crafted worlds, and brutal boss encounters. Players will be able to confront time and fate in a brand new manner when the action JRPG launches for the Nintendo Switch today.

An ode to classic side scrollers, hack and slash enemies in a variety of locations featuring graphics refined by industry veteran, Shigatake of Vanillaware. Players can customize their playstyle by becoming a fierce warrior mastering swords and bows or being a mage utilizing a staff and magic. Earn experience and force after defeating each enemy and upgrade skills and equipment. Overcome difficult bosses, each with their own unique set of challenges and strategies. If the battles prove to be too intense, Astlibra Revision features six difficulty modes for all kinds of players to fit their own pace or to challenge themselves.

With more than 60 hours of content, players can explore its main missions and unique dungeons, all while uncovering a multitude of secrets. But who said the story is over after the credits roll? Once the final chapter ends, complete the postscript which introduces new story missions and new ways to upgrade skills and equipment. Players will also be able to delve into ASTLIBRA: The Cave of Phantom Mist. Available as DLC, the remake of ASTLIBRA Revision’s mini-Gaiden follows the baker of Rispadar’s daughter on an epic journey of their own.

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