Takaya Imamura used to work for Nintendo, and he contributed artwork and story elements to both the F-Zero and Star Fox franchises. Since his days at Nintendo, he’s turned to working on a sci-fi manga called OMEGA 6. Soon after that project we learned that Imamura’s worlds are colliding, as his manga series is getting a Switch game adaptation.

Developer Happymeal previously announced the 16-bit-style science-fiction text adventure OMEGA 6: THE VIDEO GAME for Switch. This game will feature the setting and characters of the OMEGA 6 manga, but it will include a brand-new story and some fresh fasces as well. While gameplay is largely text adventure-based, there will be some battle scenes and other unique features. OMEGA 6: THE VIDEO GAME will support English, French, and Japanese language options, and is set to arrive sometime in 2024.

As development progresses, Automaton-Media spoke to Happymeal CEO Junji Seki to learn more about the game. Turns out the Nintendo ties to OMEGA 6 will run even deeper than expected, as the team has been consulting with Nintendo’s Kenji Matsutani on the adventure components of the game. The goal is to make OMEGA 6 a bit more like Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the adventure side of things, and Matsutani helped build BotW and TotK, so he’s certainly someone in the know.

The goal is to make OMEGA 6 a sandbox-type world where players can push ahead in the main story or lose themselves in side content. It appears there will be all sorts of stories and side-quests for players to tackle, as Imamura is hard at work crafting all kinds of tales for players to engage with.

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