Nintendo fans may not have gotten to experience the original NieR title, but that game’s success paved the way for the best-selling and most-recognized entry, NieR: Automata. That game continues to rack up sales and reach new audiences through things like the anime adaptation, which makes it no surprise to learn that the NieR series overall is going to continue growing. (h/t VGC)

While we don’t have an official breakdown of what’s next for the NieR franchise, we can rest easy knowing that more is on the way. According to NieR series producer Yosuke Saito, the series is going to continue on for as long as creative director Yoko Taro remains alive. With the enthusiasm both have for NieR overall, it’s no surprise to learn more is on the way.

It’s certainly exciting to know that NieR will continue for years to come, but now we’re at the hard part…waiting patiently. Until a new NieR title is finally unveiled, we’ll have to keep our fingers and toes crossed tightly for it to arrive on Nintendo’s hardware at the time.


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