Capcom reveals new line of Monster Hunter Rise merch

Must-haves for dedicated hunters

20 November 2023
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You might think of Monster Hunter Rise as a game filled with fearsome monsters and fierce battles, and you’d be right. The thing is, the game also has its cute characters and friendly faces as well, and now some of those are the focus of a new round of merch.

The latest line of Monster Hunter Rise merch takes the characters drawn by Minoto the Hub Maiden, used in the online Hunting Guide, and turns them into a series of goods soon available in Japan. The lineup includes both pillows and hand puppets.


As of right now, it seems the only way to get these goodies will be through Capcom’s crane games located at amusement centers around Japan. The line should be in stock at these locations starting November 23, 2023. Those interested can try their luck in person, or use the remote Capcom Net Catcher service to try their hand at the games of chance from the comfort of their own home.

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