Super Mario RPG has officially made its transition from Super Nintendo to Switch, and in great fashion. The game has been painstakingly brought over, with just about every element from its 16-bit origins not just maintained, but enhanced for modern-day sensibilities. That includes the game’s cast of characters, and a rather big name was overseeing it all.

The credits for Super Mario RPG on Switch reveal that none other than Tetsuya Nomura was the character supervisor for the game. Nomura needs no introduction to diehard Square Enix fans, as they know him to be the game designer/artist who’s working multiple Final Fantasy entries, spin-offs, and biggest of all, Kingdom Hearts.

While we know ArtePiazza handled the bulk of development on Super Mario RPG (a company with close ties to Square Enix), the powers that be deemed that Nomura himself should be involved with the project to get the look of this classic cast right. Based on the reaction from fans, it seems like Nomura did another fantastic job!

Finally, it’s worth noting that Tetsuya Nomura was actually in the credits of the original Super Mario RPG release on the SNES as well. He was listed in the ‘Extra Special Thanks’ section. That makes it even better to see him return for the revamp.

Thanks to m4kk0 for the heads up!

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