Roots of Pacha, a co-op farming & life simulation game set in the Stone Age developed by Soda Den, expands the Pachan clan into uncharted territories on Nintendo Switch today, including the brand new update to version 1.1.

Roam the plains populated by stone age civilizations and undergo the Rite of Passage as a member of the Pachan clan with up to four players across fully supported cross-platform play. Team up to get a lay of the land to scout for resources and prepare to delve into ancient caves underlying the landscape. Discover the roots of humanity through new ideas and inventions like animal breeding and cold storage, and lead the Pachan clan and their surrounding neighbors together to an age of peaceful prosperity.

Switch and PlayStation citizens aren’t the only newcomers to the world! Included in the console versions and releasing today on Steam, version 1.1 opens up new interactions and developments for the clan. Play a sweet song to tame newly arrived aurochs, follow the trail of the animal prints to place traps for meat, and befriend fellow villagers to unlock fresh cuisine, new hats, furniture pieces, and accessories. Decorate the village and expand its capabilities to reflect the clan’s growth. Utilize blade shears, flutes, mushroom and herb pots, and other contraptions to flourish in a world without war.

Get gifts from the people you befriend, like unique recipes and decorations. Find 13 new NPC cutscenes alongside new romance options like Voda — if it’s not working out, try the newly added Divorce option to break the union for the better. Utilize newly introduced tools and features to create a civilization known for its inventive community, and look forward to more updates to come. Soda Den has further plans in the works for 2024 and beyond with the intent to maintain feature parity between console and PC versions alongside continual quality of life improvements.

Roots of Pacha releases today on Nintendo Switch for $24.99 / €22.99 / £19.99 with support for English, French, German, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese languages.

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