Speed or Death now available on Switch

Race over to the eShop and have a look

01 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher eastasiasoft has released Speed or Death on the Switch. If you purchase before Dec. 21st, 2023, you can get a 20% discount that knocks the price down to $6.39. Speed or Death takes up 5.1 GB of space.

Cross a city infested with enormous monsters, dodge the fiery breath of a dragon, find how to escape an alien invasion… all without getting eaten by a worm.

This is Speed or Death, a frenzied racing game where the most important thing isn’t reaching the finish line, but surviving the chaos around you. Unlock the different cars and live to tell the tale another day. What apocalypse shall we race through today?


  • 4 apocalyptic circuits
  • 20 different cars
  • Automatic or manual mode

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