Boundary Break Explores Out-of-Bounds in Super Mario RPG

There's a whole new world out there

01 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Boundary Break is back with another deep dive into what’s sitting just outside the camera’s view in various video games. This time around, Boundary Break once again turns its focus to a Nintendo game, and this one just released a couple of weeks back…or decades ago depending on your view.

Super Mario RPG has been revived from its Super Nintendo days for a new lease on life through the Switch. Rather than giving us a Switch Online release of the original, Nintendo and Square Enix teamed up for a full-on remake that takes the isometric original and rebuilds it completely in 3D. Now the game’s looks measure up to what our memories have held onto for all these years!

Of course, the transition to 3D means that Nintendo had to cook up virtual environments based on the original. As is the case with any 3D game, there’s always something secret hiding just outside of the camera’s view. That’s where the Boundary Break gang steps in to explore.

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