For those not familiar with the WWE or its ‘universe,’ let me fill you in. Stone Cold Steve Austin may not be a wrestling regular anymore (although he did just have a fantastic return match at Wrestlemania!), but he’s still very involved with WWE. One of the biggest ways he stays connected is with the Broken Skull Sessions podcast.

On the Broken Skull Sessions, Stone Cold interviews wrestling legends and hot superstars of the moment. In the latest episode, the Texas rattlesnake will be interviewing Cody Rhodes, who just made his WWE return a few weeks back after spending years with rival wrestling company, AEW.

In the snippet above, we get to see an ‘extra’ snippet from Stone Cold and Cody Rhodes’ Broken Skull Sessions interview. Right off the bat, Stone Cold asks Cody what his favorite Zelda game is. Cody answers Ocarina of Time, while Stone Cold fires back with Breath of the Wild.

We know in real life that Cody is a huge video game fan, especially when it comes to the Legend of Zelda franchise. That said, there’s no doubt in my mind that Stone Cold has no clue what The Legend of Zelda is. I’m 99.9% sure he’s just playing things up in this video for a little bit of fun, but I’d certainly love to be wrong!

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2y ago

I'll go with Tony Schiavone and say Link to the Past/Triforce of the Gods is my favorite. Breath of the Wild might be the best, but I think LttP perfected the Zelda formula.