Developer Elytra Games has announced that they’re bringing Bugaboo Pocket to the Switch sometime in 2024. You can see the debut trailer for the Switch version of this title above.

Bugaboo Pocket is an elevated, story-driven virtual pet game starring bugs from land, air and sea! Spoil them with pets, food and furniture. Earn poop currency through minigames and by cleaning up their oopsies. Discover how even the smallest action impacts your friend. Release bug eggs to regrow their forest home!

See bugs in a whole new light! Great for people who don’t love bugs (yet) and validating for people who already do. Every pet is inspired by a real world critter. Learn about their lifecycles, habitats and food sources.

Play as a research scientist helping a forest recover after a devastating fire. Discover her story through cutscenes, diary entries, and items. Complete your bug compendium to unlock secrets and prizes!

Bugs only die of old age, so it is perfect for players looking for a cozy experience.


  • Classic digital pet gameplay with modern depth and strategy
  • Compelling storyline
  • Diverse cast of adorable bugs
  • Minigames galore
  • Awesome bug sound effects
  • Gorgeous, handcrafted art
  • Mouse-controlled input

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