One of Splatoon 3’s newest special weapons is the Splattercolor Screen, which makes a large ink barrier that causes damage when players pass through it. Along with that, the players who walk through will have their game swap from normal colors to greyscale, which is accompanied by a unique sound as well. It’s an interesting idea for a special, but it also seems like it’s causing unintended side effects for some players.

In particular, players with photosensitivity and sensory issues are being hit quite hard by the Splattercolor Screen. Reports have come in concerning eye strain/pain, dizziness, migraines, and even reports of people fainting. On top of that, those dealing with colorblindness are also having trouble with the effects of the Splattercolor Screen.

Nintendo is yet to comment on this matter, but there’s no doubt these are issues the company will address. If/when Nintendo addresses the situation and shares word on a solution, we’ll be sure to bring that info to you. Until then, please play with concern for your safety and caution in mind. If you start to feel any ill effects, it’s best to take a break from the game and rest up.

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7M ago

It’s the Porygon Pokemon episode all over again!!!