Outer Wilds was originally announced for Switch back in February 2021 via a Nintendo Direct trailer. That reveal also included the reveal that Outer Wilds would see release on Switch sometime in Summer 2021.

As you most likely know, Outer Wilds actually saw release on Switch Dec. 7th, 2023, which is considerable different from the Summer 2021 plans. What in the world caused the game to show up over 2 years later than expected? Nintendo Life spoke to the team at Mobius Digital for the answer.

When picking a launch window, we were probably a little too much like the Nomai character, Avens and should have been a bit more like Daz or Yarrow. There were also complications from the fact we were still working on ‘Echoes of the Eye’ — which we decided to add to the Switch release once the delay had been agreed on. But it really boils down to there being a little too much enthusiasm around the Switch version early on.

[Mobius Digital]

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