We’ve all heard about manifesting your dreams, right? If you want something, you keep it in your mind and act as if it’s a foregone conclusion. Some people swear by it, and it seems WWE Superstar The Miz is one of them.

Many people were disappointed to see that Johnny Cage didn’t make the cut in the latest Mortal Kombat movie, but there was certainly a tease for the character at the end of the film. Shortly thereafter, the internet went wild casting their top pick to play the role, and plenty of people see The Miz as the perfect choice. Support for the idea went so far that it became the #1 trend on Twitter at the time! That news obviously made its way back to Miz, who has been campaigning for the role ever since.

In a new update, Miz says he’s been actively training to take on the role. The thing is, he hasn’t even been offered the part. As of right now, there’s nothing to tie The Miz to Johnny Cage in the sequel film, but Miz is certainly trying to manifest it! He’s definitely got the look and personality down pat, and now that he’s working on his split punch, he really does seem like a fantastic choice.

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