Today, SMITE released the ‘Yokai of Despair’ Update, the last one in the Season of Worlds.

It features the newest playable God, Bake Kujira, a vengeful ghost whale from the Japanese pantheon. Also live is the second beat in the VShojo Crossover, while the SMITE Cookout event will soon begin. The esports hype keeps growing as Worlds are just next month and will be played on the current Conquest Map and game client.

In Japanese folklore, Bake Kujira is a yokai – a ghostly apparition. Shaped as a gigantic skeleton whale, he is the ominous bringer of an inescapable curse. In SMITE, that is exactly what he is too!

On the Battleground of the Gods, Bake Kujira is a steady, persistent, and inevitable force of despair. Floating around his enemies, he curses them, hinders them, and ultimately wears them down. What’s more, his foreboding lament is able to dilate time itself.

Playing as Bake Kujira feels just as unique as looking at him. Although a Guardian, he is designed to be played as a Solo Laner, plus his main source of damage is his one-of-a-kind basic attacks. They hit all enemies in a circular area all around him—not unlike a pool of water—and he can empower them in various ways.

Become a vengeful apparition, despair incarnate – and above all a floating ghost whale – playing as Bake Kujira in SMITE today!

Earlier this year SMITE united with the VShojo VTubers in a fantastic Crossover where the anime-inspired talents became playable characters in the Battleground of the Gods. Today, they are all back in the VShojo Event and joined by the legend, Zentreya! What’s more, three of the original VTubing SMITE crew get a new variant Skin:

  • Zentreya Mulan
  • Voltage Zentreya Mulan
  • iornmrouse Ironmouse Persephone
  • Emerald Blade Kson Nemesis
  • Cherry Apricot Izanami

Also available now, the new Zentreya Announcer Pack has your favorite VTuber comment on all your games!

SMITE players can unlock all new and previous VShojo Skins on the VShojo Event page and then fight deities playing as these virtual personas. May the power of Gods and Anime be on your side, chat!

Longing for summer barbecues? Starting on December 26, the SMITE Cookout event will have what you need with three new themed Skins and the new Food Fight Chest.

Ah Muzen Cob Ah Muzen Cab is a wholesome carry on the cob, The World Sub Jormungandr is much, much longer than 12 inches, and Fiery Frank Odin is a burnt out variant on Hot Diggity Odin – he is available for free as the collection reward of the event.

Dozens of existing popular Skins just as nutritious are also featured in the Food Fight Chest including Thanatoast Thanatos, Baba Beans Baba Yaga, Chaacolate Chaac, and more.

Three days of intense competitive SMITE with the highest stakes – the SMITE World Championship, SWC, is just around the corner!

The best players on the planet will face off in Arlington, TX, on January 12-14, 2024, vying for the highest feat in SMITE: becoming World Champions. Everyone can enjoy the Year 10 esports culmination on the SmiteGame Twitch channel. The divine fights will be sprinkled with live entertainment including a grand opening ceremony, a cosplay contest, a build-a-god panel, and more.

SMITE fans, save the date: it all begins on January 12 at 11 AM CST. In the SMITE 2024 Keynote, the Titan Forge team will reveal all major beats coming in Year 11 and kick off the weekend-long community celebration and esports event.

If you’re looking for the complete patch notes for today’s SMITE update, you can find them here.

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