Earlier this week we found out that Embracer Group is acquiring a number of IP and development studios from Square Enix, and they’re paying $300 million for the collection. According to a new report, losses from two Square Enix titles will take up at least two thirds of that revenue.

According to David Gibson, MST Financial analyst, Square Enix lost $200 million between Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The loss stemming from Marvel’s Avengers is easy to understand, as that game reviewed poorly, and it wasn’t at all what the majority of players were expecting. The real shame here is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which garnered quite a bit of critical praise, and even won some Game of the Year awards.

While it’s just speculation on my part, I believe GotG suffered because of the poor reception to Marvel’s Avengers. When people heard Square Enix was doing a Marvel game, they felt too burned from the prior release to even look into it. Even I was worried about GotG when it was first announced, but I’m extremely glad I checked it out, as it’s quite a fantastic experience.

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2y ago


I think this article could have used more proofreading.


2y ago


Man, if there was one crucial word I could have forgotten, I certainly found it!


2y ago

I did my part and bought GotG at full price and didn’t wait for Gamepass. Great game. Sad to think it probably won’t get a sequel now.


2y ago

I don't think I would have bought it until it was cheap, anyway, but Avengers really turned me off.


2y ago

Still waiting for a price drop so I won't feel burned paying top dollar for a cloud game.