QubicGames has announced that they’re releasing My Bakery Empire, Pocket Quest, Light-It Up and Space Papers: Planet’s Border on Switch December 25, 2023. Each of these titles will be priced at $8 a piece and you can get information on the games below.

Space Papers

Convenience, the NUC. You have just called up for a great mission on Earth as an intergalactic border patrol officer! Become the best police officer of the intergalactic patrol, watch over the planet’s border and protect the galaxy. Analyze papers from all types of aliens and check their luggage!

Parasites are the main galactic threat and will do anything for universal domination. How good are you at identifying them? Remember that the goal is to keep the galactic airport’s security and find criminal parasites to arrest them!

Your main objective is to check the traveler’s passports and discover dangerous objects they can use, like bananas… THAT’S RIGHT, BANANAS!! Our lives depend on checking the aliens’ papers, X-rays and luggage! The more enemies you find on the planet’s border, the more money you’ll get to upgrade your equipment.

Pocket Quest

Step into an enchanting RPG world where you will fight in epic Match-3 battles as you traverse the lands to become a Pocket Quest legend! Welcome to the captivating and dangerous world of violence and darkness. Take on the role of a Hunter, Warrior or Warlock, choose your gender, grab your weapons, then swap and match gems to win the battle!

Traverse through impoverished towns, vast oceans, dark mines, dense forests, and other undiscovered places. Fight a variety of enemies from tame rats and boars to giant orcs and trolls. Earn loot from your travels and deck your hero with legendary weapons and armor!

Match the gems with your strategy and attack! Combine multiple gems and skulls in one turn to unleash devastating combos on your foes!

Challenge your friend to battle in local multiplayer versus mode. Choose your characters, build an equipment card and face off in different environments. Show him that you are the most powerful legend in these lands!

Light-It Up

Swing, jump, flip and slide your stickman body from one neon color shape to another to make them glow and light-it up.

In this big, dark world, you’re a little stickman with a huge mission. Get ready to ignite the excitement and light your way through an epic adventure! Light up each figure, bringing it to life with vibrant colors. Get ready to test your reflexes and agility as you navigate through this colorful world of shapes and light!

Just when you start to feel like a stickman boss and love that color glow, things get complicated as you jump, flip and pass levels. Color shapes start moving, rotating, and even exploding, and lethal spikes become a constant threat to your little stickman’s life. If you miss a jump, if your swing’s a dud, if your flip isn’t on point, or if you hit a spike… you fall into oblivion!

My Bakery Empire

Enjoy this yummy cake-baking story and help Lizzie fulfill her dream of opening her own sweet bakery! Learn how to bake delicious, mouth-watering desserts like cupcakes, smoothies, donuts and cakes! With your assistance as a cake maker, Lizzie will become the most talented pastry chef ever!

Take specific orders from customers and serve them with a smile. Make sure they get what they asked for, whether it’s cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles, donuts with colored glaze, or rainbow cakes! You’ll LOVE this tasty bakery story game, and here’s a little warning - it will make you hungry!

Have fun opening up many delicious bakeries, baking with Lizzie, and becoming a true baking professional famous for beautiful, tasty delights! Build your bakery business and immerse yourself in the aromatic wonders of a bustling bake shop with a hint of cookie jam sweetness!

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