Earlier this month, Universal announced that the long-awaited Donkey Kong Expansion for Universal Japan’s Super Nintendo World is opening Spring 2024. Along with that announcement we also received a new official look at the Donkey Kong Mine Cart Roller Coaster and the “Play Wild!” slogan.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks and now we have not one, but two different commercials promoting the upcoming Donkey Kong area. While these commercials use a lot of artistic license, they still showcase at least some idea of what park-goers can expect when the new area opens next year.

Depending on how faithful the ads are to the actual area and ride, it seems we might be seeing Dixie hanging out near the mine carts alongside the Tiki Tak Tribe introduced in Donkey Kong Country Returns. We also get a quick glimpse of Rambi running but in the spot, but there’s no word on if he’ll actually be present in the park or is just stopping by for the promotional materials.

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