HITMAN 3 has been around for two years now, and IO Interactive is far from done with the game. The team has shared a roadmap of what’s ahead, and that includes a look at what May 2022 has to offer, as well as much further down the road.

You can get the important details on what’s next below, but if you’re looking to read every minute detail, you can hit the link at the bottom of this post.

Freelancer Update

HITMAN 3: Freelancer is the next evolution of Hitman and an entirely new way to engage with the world and characters that IO Interactive built into the World of Assassination over the last 7 years. The team is now aiming to release the Freelancer in the second half of 2022, to help support further development in this truly expansive and involving game mode.

Spring Content

With the change to the release date of the Freelancer game mode from Spring to the second half of 2022, IO Interactive has adjusted its plans for the next few months. The biggest change will be several additional rounds of Featured Contracts than the team normally releases over the course of a month. You’ll find a detailed May Roadmap graphic below.

A New Map - Ambrose Island

IO Interactive is bringing forward the release date of the ‘Rocky’ map that was first revealed in January. This is now scheduled for a July 2022 release. This new map will have an intriguing narrative for Hitman fans, as it takes place before the events of HITMAN 3 and fills in a few gaps from the World of Assassination storyline. You can see a sneak peek of the map in the key art above. Welcome to Ambrose Island, 47.

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