Publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Jump Over The Age have launched their highly-anticipated narrative game, Citizen Sleeper, on Switch today. The game is normally priced at $20, but you can get it for $18 for a limited time thanks to a 10% launch discount.

Citizen Sleeper follows the journey of you, a Sleeper, on the run in a stolen body from the interstellar corporation that owns it. After waking on a ruined space station it’ll take intuition, skill and, most crucially, luck to survive until the next cycle. With mechanics inspired from tabletop RPGs, Citizen Sleeper effortlessly integrates its mysterious lore with compelling interactions, encouraging players to use their insight to make bold decisions and thrive within a capitalist society. With complex alliances and relationships to navigate, station secrets to uncover and an entire cosmic world to explore, it’ll take more than the roll of a dice for players to build a life for themselves aboard Erlin’s Eye.

Citizen Sleeper takes up 828 mb of space, and includes British English and American English language support.

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