Some of you might not know that GoNintendo is on Patreon! We’ve been running the Patreon account for a few years now, and to be completely honest, it’s been a wonderful experience. I personally post there once every single day, and I cover anything and everything that’s on my mind. Don’t worry, I never share exclusive Nintendo news on our Patreon, but there are blogs, videos, and more that never see the light of day anywhere else! Best of all, you get access to absolutely ALL of it for just $1 a month!

I thought it might be fun to do a quick breakdown each week of the topics and features that we share on the GoNintendo Patreon. There’s plenty of serious game discussion, as well as silly stuff, and plenty of blogs about all sorts of other pop culture content. From gaming to anime, movies to TV shows…you name it! For better or worse, I’ve always got something to say, which means there’s never a quiet day on our Patreon.

Here’s a quick look at what the latest week on the GoNintendo Patreon was like:

Come follow me on Letterboxd if you’d like!

First up, I decided to finally use my Letterboxd account to not just keep track of the movies and TV shows I’m watching, but also share quick reviews as well. If you’re curious to know what I’m watching in my free time and how I feel about it, you can follow along with my opinions on Letterboxd!

What a year it’s been, my friends

This was a general blog about moving into the new year, what it’s been like with the Patreon gang for 2023, and excitement for what’s ahead. I’m obviously very thankful for the current Patreon supporters, and it’s important that I show that with some love!

My New Year’s resolution is officially underway

What can I say? I don’t have an original bone in my body, so of COURSE I have a new year’s resolution. I’ve actually been choosing new year’s resolutions for a few years now, and it’s worked out quite swimmingly. In 2024, I’m tackling something that I honestly haven’t done since I was in my single-digit ages. Time for me to change that!

That’s one game done and dusted in 2024

We haven’t finished the first week of 2024 just yet, but I managed to both start and finish my first game of the year! You haven’t read about it here on GoNintendo because it’s not a title available on Switch, but I hope that changes! If you’re curious to know my thoughts on the PC visual novel “Slay the Princess,” you can read my review right here!

How did this game find its way into my life?!

Adventures of Lolo is a game you could have played on the NES back in the day, via the Virtual Console service, and now through Switch Online. While there are plenty of games available on Switch Online that I’ve never played, Adventures of Lolo is one that I’ve held near and dear since childhood. In this post, I talk about where I first came into contact with the game, and try to understand how such a random title weaseled its way into my life.

The ritual of retro games

There’s something magical about the days of retro gaming, and it has more to do than just nostalgia. In this post I wax poetic about the early days of gaming, both in terms of my personal experiences and the ways that modern gaming somewhat fails to measure up.

That’s what’s been going on with the GoNintendo Patreon over the last week. Again, if any of that tickles your fancy, you can read the full details (and EVERY other Patreon post!) for $1. That price will NEVER rise, and I absolutely mean that. No matter what I share over there, you’ll have 100% access for $1. If that seems like a good deal to you, check out the GoNintendo Patreon here!

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