Ahoy matey! Super Rare Games are thrilled to share the breaking waves of excitement as they set sail into the waters of Ship of Fools with their crewmates Team 17 Digital and Fika Productions.

Brace yourselves for a nautical adventure that promises a sea of challenges, treasures, and monstrous foes. Get ready to man the cannons and defend against the almighty Aquapocalypse, in this seafaring co-op roguelite! 🚢

Release Date: January 11th, 6pm GMT (10am PDT/1pm EDT). A total of 4000 Switch copies will be available for sale worldwide at Super Rare Games Storepage. The cartridge will also include the Free Updates - Fish and Ships and Great Lighthouse.

In a nutshell, Ship of Fools is a game about blasting away your seaborne foes with mighty cannons as you defend your ship. Inspired by modern classic roguelites and built for co-op, you’ll want to bring your first mate on deck and enjoy oarsome combat as you unlock new trinkets and artifacts to help you save the world from catastrophe.

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