Silent Hope came to the Switch back in October 2023, and it was aiming to merge the glory days of isometric dungeon-crawlers with more modern sensibilities. The game features seven unlikely heroes, each with their own unique weapon, separate fighting style, and non-combat job. You’ll spend your days battling through enemies and collecting materials in The Abyss before returning to Base Camp to craft and rest up for their next adventure. With procedurally generated layouts, Silent Hope ensures no two expeditions will be the same.

The game received mostly favorable reviews from critics and gamers alike, which shows that developer Marvelous was onto something with the idea. That said, there were some minor complaints and niggling issues that players would like to see worked out, which makes Silent Hope perfect for a sequel. The question is, could one actually ever come around? Now we have our answer.

Nintendo Dream magazine spoke with Silent Hope producers Makoto Shioda and Moribo and asked them what the chances of a sequel were. Shioda said that there are no concrete plans for a follow-up at this time, but the devs certainly have some things they wanted to accomplish that they didn’t get a chance to with the first installment. Multiplayer was one feature mentioned in particular that the team would like to tackle should a sequel come about. Furthermore, Moribo mentioned that he was interested in seeing what happens with Silent Hope’s seven protagonists after the first game wraps.

Should a sequel ever come to fruition, it appears we’ll have to wait a considerable amount of time. Marvelous is already hard at work on another title, dubbed Project Life, and that’s taking up their time right now. If Silent Hope 2 gets a greenlight, it won’t be until after Project Life is out the door.

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