Mod adds Banjo-Kazooie to Super Smash Bros.

The bear and bird are BACK

08 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

For older gamers like myself, there are various eras that bring massive waves of nostalgia with them. There’s no doubt that the Nintendo 64 era is one of them, and that’s thanks to the amazing run of 3D platformers on the system. Among the very best is Banjo-Kazooie, with fans of that series still holding it near-and-dear decades later.

One of the best moments of the Switch era came from seeing Banjo-Kazooie finally make their way to the Smash scene through Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was an absolutely surreal moment; a fever dream only made possible through years of effort and an amazing collaboration with Banjo-Kazooie’s current steward, Microsoft. The duo feels right at home in Smash, and a new mod shows that some fans believe the bear and bird should have been there from the start.

While Smash Bros. Ultimate might be the choice pick for Smash players nowadays, there’s still plenty of people plugging away at the original Super Smash Bros. on the N64. The game has found a whole new life through unofficial mods and hacks, which have paved the way for new stages and fresh faces. That’s the case today, as Banjo-Kazooie have jumped back to the platform where it all started for them.

Banjo-Kazooie are now part of Super Smash Bros. roster thanks to the work of dedicated fans, and they bring with them Ebisumaru (Dr. Yang from the Mystical Ninja series) and Dragon King. You can see the debuts of these new additions in the lengthy trailer above, which does a great job of honoring the characters/franchises added while also showcasing what the new fighters have to offer.

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