Once long ago, a legendary spirit kept watch over a delicately balanced world. On January 15th, enter the story of Season of the Nine-Colored Deer to confront the chaos unleashed by a traitor in the realms—and take it upon yourself to undo the harm they caused.

In Sky’s newest Season, the gates open to a newly unveiled land in Sky where the magical Nine-Colored Deer protects and guides those who pass through. Join this adaptation of an ancient tale and meet four new Spirits, each with memories and lessons to share. These Spirits bring new emote expressions too—including one that we think really carries good opportunities for fun interactions, and another that can help Sky kids really flex their expressiveness.

A fifth Spirit arrives as the Season Guide. The quests in their Friendship Tree take you into the legend of the Nine-Colored Deer, from a peaceful beginning to an urgent mission to restore the fractures left in the Spirits’ wake.

These five Spirits offer a colorful array of items, from new hairstyles and masks to bold cloaks, dashingly wrapped shawls, multihued outfits, and even a pair of pants that look pretty comfy, if we do say so ourselves. In addition to Seasonal Quests, Season Pass holders will also have the chance to unlock three Ultimate Gifts from the Season Guide, each representing experiences from the Season.

Season of the Nine-Colored Deer also offers specially-themed items created as a collaboration for the adaptation of this story:

Gift of the Nine-Colored Deer: $14.99 (all prices USD)

This set includes iridescent antlers with colors that shift in changing light, and a separate matching mask with an opal-colored painted moon.

Radiance of the Nine-Colored Deer: $19.99

An iridescent cape that captures a spectrum of colors, which will also have a special ability added in the 0.24.5 update—stay tuned for upcoming details!

These can be purchased in the in-game shop while the Season is active.

A portion of these collaboration items will be offered for IGC (in-game currency) in the Season Guide’s Friendship Tree:

  • Mask: 120 Candles
  • Hair accessory: 50 Candles

All collaboration items will be available while Season of the Nine-Colored Deer is active. Please note that since these are part of a limited collaboration, they are not currently planned to return in the future.

Season of the Nine-Colored Deer begins at 00:00 January 15th PST (UTC -8) and continues until 23:59 March 31st PDT (UTC -7). The full Season can be enjoyed for free by all players who have at least started the 4th quest from the Hopeful Steward in Aviary Village. Players with a Season Pass will also have the opportunity to unlock all items and new Season Spirits’ Friendship Trees, plus the Ultimate Gifts offered by the Season Guide. The three-pack Gift Pack bundle can also be purchased and comes with two gift passes to give to friends within the game.

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