Genshin Impact was revealed all the way back in 2019, and the game has found incredible success since launching in 2020. A Switch version was confirmed early on in the game’s development, but sadly, Switch fans are still waiting to go hands-on with the phenomenon. Thankfully, we can now officially put aside any worries about cancellation.

As the years have rolled on since the initial reveal, Switch owners have started to wonder if Genshin Impact would come our way at all. In recent weeks those fears grew, as a handful of official trailers for Genshin Impact lacked a mention of Switch in the YouTube description. This was later added back in to the descriptions, but did little to assuage fears of fans.

To try and clear up the confusion, we reached out to publisher/developer miHoYo to try and set the record straight. The company was willing to provide us with a statement that reconfirms the Switch version.

“The Switch version is still in development, and we will release more information as we progress further along.”
—Genshin Impact team

Unfortunately, that’s all the information we could get on the Switch version of Genshin Impact, but it’s nice to have the port reconfirmed. Hopefully we’ll get some sort of detailed development status update in the near future.

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13d ago

That's good to hear!

I want to return to the game at some point, so a Switch version would be a motivating reason to do so.


13d ago

I wonder how this would work. Anyone holding out for a Switch version are missing out on a lot of timed events. Several years worth of content will have come and gone by the time this Switch port materializes. I didn't play for the first few months the game was out and I still regret missing events that don't seem to be repeating.

Who knows, if the lockdowns in China keep delaying the 2.7 update maybe repeating old events would be a smart move.

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13d ago

I don't play too much Genshin anymore. But it seems kinda redundant to port the game to the switch at this point when It's already on mobile devices. Since it's a game that requires an always-online connection, the portable nature of the switch is severely hampered unless you have a stable WiFi signal or link it up to your phone. Now if the switch gets an offline variant of Genshin that can take advantage of the console's on-the-go nature. That would be really cool, but I guess we'll see.

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I can't handle the touch controls, so about the only time I open it on my phone is just to condense resin or use magic crystals. I'd like to have it so I can just play in the living room or in the bed without the need to get on the computer.


11d ago


To each their own, but that switch port might not come anytime soon. Personally, when it comes to touch screens, I just use a Bluetooth controller.