RedDeer.Games, a well-known indie developer and publisher for Nintendo Switch, has announced that nGolf, a challenging golf adventure, will take players through cozy scenic golf courses around the world today.

nGolf presents players with many challenging puzzles involving spikes, lasers, and the occasional fires. The goal is as simple as golfing itself – to get the ball into the hole while collecting as many stars as possible. Those stars will be floating on the course and be of help when choosing the best way through the obstacles.

As the environment changes hills and holes will make their appearance and affect the speed of the ball. Not to worry – boosts, teleports, and more can help with getting back on the right track and closer to victory.

Aside from the obstacles and boosts, timing is as important here as it is in real life – together with trying different angles and measuring strength. A combination of these will be the key to victory.

Beating a level means that another cube-shaped golf court will appear on screen. The game has over 60 of those unique levels, together they make 8 colorful worlds – each with a different design and feel.

The difficulty and the amount of traps placed changes on each level. Because of this, one of the biggest challenges is finding creative ways of passing obstacles. Becoming master nGolfer might need some problem-solving on the go.

Every level tracks the number of shots the player takes and saves their score – this way it’s easier to come back to finished levels and replay them again. Attempts are unlimited, though gathering all the stars in one go might not be easy. The title of champion awaits on all the master nGolfers!

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