Back in November of 2023, an ESRB listing showed that Konami was putting together a Felix the Cat collection for Switch. We’ve been waiting for details on this project ever since, and today LRG has pulled back the curtain.

Limited Run Games has announced that they’re bringing Felix the Cat to Switch as a physical release. There will be a standard version that gets you a game card and box, plus a Classic Edition which includes the original game soundtrack, a poster, and the game in a retro-style box inspired by the original NES release.

Since his debut in 1919, Felix the Cat has endured as a pop culture icon. Across film, television, and gaming, fans have remained endeared to Felix’s playful and imaginative spirit for nearly 105 years. Now, the 8-bit adventures of Felix the Cat are returning for new audiences to discover and generations of fans to enjoy together.

This release includes both the classic Nintendo Entertainment System title and the Game Boy title that was released a year later. Through Carbon Engine, and some help from Felix’s Magic Bag of Tricks, new features for the titles, including save states and other quality-of-life fixes, bring them into the modern era of gaming.

Felix the Cat will go up for pre-order on the Limited Run Games store come February 9th, 2024.


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6M ago

Felix the Cat was genuinely one of my favorite games as a kid. I had both the NES and Game Boy versions and played them religiously. Both were traded away, alas, and these games go for $115 *loose* second-hand, so I've never been able to play them again as an adult (legally.)

UNTIL NOW, FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!1111 me and, you know, ten other people on Earth are absolutely popping off right now