In the first quarter of this year, a new expansion for the survival game Mr. Prepper will appear on Nintendo Switch. In Animal Farm DLC, players can expect, among others: a new storyline and completely new gameplay possibilities.

The Agency has trusted you with the task of getting the Murricaville’s farm back in shape. Take care of the animals, repair the farm’s facilities, learn fishing, explore the new areas, adopt a dog, get to the bottom of the Agency’s special interest in the farm and discover the mystery lurking from above!

Use what you learn on the farm in your shelter: breed your own animals, obtain new products and install new items!

Detailed list of features:

  • a new storyline involving surveillance, mysterious abductions, and mind control;
  • farm animals to breed and take care of;
  • fishing;
  • new locations to explore: a farm, a lake, and a mysterious crop labyrinth;
  • animal-related items for your shelter: fences, enclosures, feeders, pallets;
  • new food ingredients: milk, grain seeds;
  • new recipes from grain seeds and milk
  • new decoration items (aquaria).
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