Publisher eastasiasoft has announced that Nephenthesys is launching on the Switch today. The title is priced at $6 and takes up 113 mb of space.

In the year 20XX, after the completion of the Lunar Launch Base, its first mission to Mars was initiated, but it was interrupted when the crew encountered an unidentified object with absurd energy signatures. The mission immediately shifted to recovering the object and safely returning it to the lunar base, where it would be assessed if it was safe to transport to Earth’s laboratories.

Take control of your selected ship and blast off to complete this mission at all costs against an unexpected swarm of otherworldly enemies! Nephenthesys is a vertical scrolling shoot’em up presented in widescreen top-down 3D style. Blast through a huge variety of enemy ships, collect power-ups for wider shot spreads and special bombs, then face off against screen-filling bosses. This mission will take you through caverns, waterways, cityscapes and more. Do you have the skills to see it through?

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