RUMOR: Evidence points to Metroid Prime 4 nearing completion

Is Samus ready for her next mission?

24 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 9

Metroid fans have been waiting very patiently to hear more on Metroid Prime 4. As of 5 years ago to the day, Nintendo announced that they were facing development issues with the title, and they’d be restarting the project from scratch. The only good news was that Nintendo would be once again partnering with Retro Studios to get the job done.

It’s been pretty much radio silence from Nintendo since that announcement, outside of the usual Metroid Prime 4 listing in Nintendo’s calendar of upcoming games. When can we expect to see more on this game, and where exactly will it land? While Nintendo is remaining quiet, some online resumes may have shed a bit of light on the situation.

YouTuber ‘SuperMetalDave64’ has dug up some new details, and while they are not a confirmation of the current state of the game, they do seem to indicate how things are moving along. Please note that nothing is official until Nintendo says so, and any information gleaned here is speculation based on resume listings.

It’s been discovered that Retro Studios has a “production partnership” with Next-Gen Dreams 3D, which is listed as a “triple AAA co-developer production studio for hire.” The studio has ties to Ubisoft and Take-Two, having created trailers for some of their projects. Going a step further, the head of Next-Gen Dreams 3D has Retro Studios listed on their profile as well, and the reference includes a Sept. 2022 date.

There’s also the LinkedIn profile of game tester/quality assurance dev Edwin Atwell, and it seems he’s been quite busy lately. According to his profile, he’s been playing a demo of Metroid Prime 4 for roughly 10 months now, and he’s been using the bug-tracking software Jira to get the work done.

What does all this mean? Again, it falls into the realm of speculation, but if one dev is playtesting the title and another studio is working on a trailer, it certainly seems like development is wrapping and a reveal is very much on the horizon. Let’s keep fingers and toes crossed for that to be true!

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6M ago

"Nearing completion" like "Dread" was nearing completion in that Metroid Prime 3 scan text? :)


6M ago

I still have my preorder on Amazon back when the first teaser happened. Once it releases, my copy will be about 40 bucks. (This was back when Amazon and Bestbuy were competing with 20% off preorders.


6M ago

Perfect. Just in time for Switch 2. 😄


6M ago

It's been 5 years since the restart?!!
Time is going too fast :(

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Nice! Bank that toward the other Switch II launch title.


6M ago

Huge grain of salt for this one needed, as with all rumors, but especially regarding SuperMetalDave64.
I'd love to see this rumor come true, but as someone who followed him a long time in the past, I can say that he took many "evidences" too seriously and then fell hard. And he was BS'ing his audience, out of frustration I guess.


6M ago

I would hope it would be lol.


6M ago

Lies and Slander I say!


6M ago

“Let’s keep fingers and toes for that to be true!” Interesting expression, I hope to keep my fingers and toes intact for launch! No one proof reads any longer.