Shigeru Miyamoto has been working tirelessly on Super Nintendo World for years now, helping Universal in creating the parks around the world. The next version of Super Nintendo World in the works is for Universal Studios Orlando, and it looks like Miyamoto brought a very interesting friend with him for some of the work.

Some photos have been snapped at Universal Studios Orlando, and they show not just Shigeru Miyamoto, but Eiji Aonuma as well. The Nintendo duo can be seen donning construction gear as they survey the space where Super Nintendo World will be built. Seeing Miyamoto there is no surprise, but having Aonuma at his side is definitely interesting.

There hasn’t been a confirmation that Super Nintendo World will feature Legend of Zelda content, but there have certainly been plenty of rumors on that subject. Seeing Aonuma in the planning stages of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Orlando certainly is the best bit of evidence we’ve seen yet of Zelda content on the way. Why else would Nintendo’s longtime Zelda producer/director be involved here?

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that the video that the above image came from has since been pulled offline. You know that usually only happens when a piece of information makes it out to the public before it’s supposed to, and Super Nintendo World having some Zelda-related content would certainly be news to us!

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6M ago

They’re just cos-playing as hardhat wearing Gorons.