Cross-platform saves now live in Warframe

The war rages no matter where you play

30 January 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Cross Platform Save is live now in Warframe! Cross Platform Save functionality allows players to use their Warframe account Progression — including Items, Customizations, Quests, etc. — from a single Cross Platform Save Account across multiple different gaming platforms.

Cross Platform Save is an optional feature that allows you to Merge or Link your accounts to unify Warframe progress across all platforms. This allows you to use a single Warframe account across any Linked or Merged platforms. When enabling Cross Platform Save, your Warframe accounts will automatically follow one of two paths: Merging or Linking.

MERGING is a permanent method of combining multiple accounts using a One-Time Account Merge. You will select one account to act as the Primary Account, whose Progression will be retained for the final Merged Account. The Items, Customizations, Resources, and Currencies of all the connected accounts will be combined into the final Merged Account.

LINKING allows you to permanently select one Warframe account as your Primary Account. You can then link this Primary Account to Warframe accounts you use or create on additional platforms to use its Progression, Items, Customizations, Resources and Currencies to any linked platform.

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