The latest issue of Famitsu Magazine has revealed that Sting is bringing Riviera: The Promised Land to Switch on February 28th, 2024. The title is only announced for Japan as of this time, and those interested will be able to pick it up for 2,860 yen.

This project was originally announced back in July of 2023, and since then Sting has been sharing notes on how the Switch version of Riviera: The Promised Land will be enhanced, tweaked and changed as compared to prior versions. Here’s a quick breakdown of what players can expect when this one launches.

  • Mini Update #1: Remaster Based on the PSP Version, But with the Good Parts of the WonderSwan and Game Boy Advance Versions (and Improvements)
  • Mini Update #2: Switch Between Three Background Music Sound Sources
  • Mini Update #3: Two More Background Music Sound Sources Added
  • Mini Update #4: Most User Interface Screens Adjusted
  • Mini Update #5: Event Dialogue Screen Overhauled
  • Mini Update #6: Battle Screen User Interface and Tempo Adjustments
  • Mini Update #7: Save at Any Time Outside of Event Scenes
  • Mini Update #8: Some Sound Effects Can be Switched to the Game Boy Advance Version
  • Mini Update #9: More Difficulty Options at the Start
  • Mini Update #10: “Original” and “Standard” Modes Introduction
  • Mini Update #11: “Much EXP” Mode Adjustments
  • Mini Update #12: “Return” Feature Added to Battles
  • Mini Update #13: Hint Display Added for Event and Battle Items
  • Mini Update #14: Event Scene Sneak Peek
  • Mini Update #15: Semi-Transparent Feature Added for Field Screen Triggers
  • Mini Update #16: Pixel Effects Feature Added
  • Mini Update #17: Pixel Colors Change Feature Added
  • Mini Update #18: Battle Screen Adjustments
  • Mini Update #19: Item Screen Adjustments
  • Mini Update #20: Enemy Illustrations Colored
  • Mini Update #21: “Standard” Mode Effects Details
  • Mini Update #22: Extra Contents Screen Introduction
  • Mini Update #23: Action Trigger Scene Adjustments
  • Mini Update #24: Background Music Sound Sources Introduction
  • Mini Update #25: “Easy” and “Hard” Difficulties Added
  • Mini Update #26: Item Synthesis Feature Added
  • Mini Update #27: Battle Preparation Screen Adjustments

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