Missing female Link art from 1986 resurfaces

It only took over 3 decades!

08 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

A long-lost piece of unique, official art from The Legend of Zelda has surfaced after many thought it had been lost to time decades ago.

Here in the states, Zelda fans had the Tips & Tactics guide, which gave newcomers to The Legend of Zelda a bunch of helpful information to make their way through the game. The same guide was available in Japan, but it had some content that was removed from the U.S. version. Namely, a small comic that featured a female version of Link.

Thanks to the efforts of History of Hyrule, this artwork has been rediscovered. Up to this point, there were only very low quality pictures of the magazine and art. To find an intact guide nowadays is pretty much unheard of, so this really is a rare find. Now this artwork can be better preserved for Zelda fans and historians alike!

Thanks to Chris for the heads up!

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