Developers Hyperstrange and CreativeForge Games, along with publisher Running With Scissors, have announced that they’re bringing POSTAL: Brain Damaged to the Switch today. The title will be priced at $25.

Forget everything you know about the gameplay of the POSTAL series. POSTAL: Brain Damaged, the daring, player acclaimed spin-off, is here to take you on your wildest ride along the POSTAL Dude yet. This isn’t Paradise anymore, not even Edensin. This time the story happens within the twisted psyche of the POSTAL DUDE, himself! And it isn’t the open world sandbox you might expect, either.

The spin-off takes the gameplay into a whole new - yet instantly familiar direction of first-person shooter classics of the 90s and 2000s. Level-based non-stop action and exploration, a wide roster of fantastic and nightmarish enemies and bosses, an arsenal of very unconventional guns, and tons of secrets to discover. All that spiced-up by what made the world of POSTAL games so special: the boundless humor!

Make sure you’re ready to:

  • Explore an all-new, hand-crafted world full of surprises
  • Experience the challenging, fast-paced gameplay with fast-paced, dynamic movement and outrageous level design
  • Take a trip through the rich, twisted, ever-changing environments of POSTAL DUDE’S deranged mind
  • Shoot a variety of insane guns at some of the freakiest enemies to ever grace your screen
  • Follow the all-original story line making the POSTAL-VERSE continuity even more confusing than it was
  • Enjoy the POSTAL series trademark dark, irreverent humor
  • Hear Corey Cruise returning as the POSTAL DUDE, with guest appearances from other fan-beloved voices
  • Enjoy some real heavy-metal bangers playing in the background

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