In partnership with Flynn’s Arcade and Pixel Games, Pix’n Love has announced the upcoming arrival of the Donut Dodo in physical edition on Nintendo Switch in April 2024.


  • Standard Version (2500 copies)
  • Day One Edition (500 copies) including an illustrated game manual, a keychain, the soundtrack on mini-CD, a reversible cover and an exclusive sleeve.

What if you jumped into your DeLorean, heading to the 1980s?! A delightful homage to retrogaming, Donut Dodo embodies the quintessence of arcade games that revolutionized the leisure industry. Incredibly simple while putting your nerves to the test, this action-platformer developed by the Pixel Games studio brilliantly takes from the codes of an era that we cherish so much: “pixel perfect” graphics, chiptune music, simple yet polished gameplay and a tough challenge!

Play as Baker Billy Burns, run, jump and climb to outwit Donut Dodo and his gang of minions. Your goal? Go through 5 levels + 1 single-screen bonus stage, taking care to collect all the donuts in the best possible time!

Will you be able to reach the highest score on the global leaderboard?!


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