Boundary Break is back with another deep dive into what’s sitting just outside the camera’s view in various video games. This time around, Boundary Break once again turns its focus to surprising collaboration from back in the day.

I think many people remember when SEGA and Nintendo announced that they’d not only be teaming up for a title, but it would bring together their most iconic characters. Sure, many of us were hoping Mario and Sonic would team for a platforming adventure, but it was still exciting to see the duo share the screen in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. It was this Wii release that would pave the way for multiple installments across numerous platforms.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games may have featured Nintendo characters, but it was largely developed by SEGA. Nintendo certainly had some oversight, but by and large, this was the creation of SEGA and their developers. What tricks and tactics did they employ to get the game up-and-running? Find out in this latest episode of Boundary Break!

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