Switch hits 122 million annual players

122 million Switching it up

06 February 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Nintendo has just shared their Q3 results for Fiscal Year 2024, and with that comes a breakdown of Switch players and which version of Switch they’re playing on.


According to the latest data, the Switch OLED is once again the most popular version of the Switch out there. Compared to the last set of data, the Switch OLED has seen a slight rise in popularity among customers picking up hardware in the Switch family of systems. Along with that, the Switch Lite saw a very modest boost compared to last fiscal year, while the original Switch has seen a considerable drop.

The chart above also shows that once again, the total number of Switch owners playing annual has increased, this time to 122 million units worldwide. Remember, this figure includes anyone who turned on their Switch to play something in the last year. As you can see, not only are new people buying and playing Switch, but owners from years gone by are still firing the system up. 122 million active players out of 139+ million owners is an incredibly impressive number!

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